Cosmetic cropping is illegal – by anyone!

The SPCA movement in South Africa “is opposed to the unnecessary mutilation of animals – for cosmetic, sporting, entertainment or convenience purposes:- including but not limited to tail-docking, ear-cropping, de-barking and de-clawing.” (extract from the NSPCA Statement of Policy).

The cropping of puppy’s tails has been outlawed in SA since June 2008, when the SA Veterinary Council decided that it would no longer allow the tail docking of puppies by veterinarians as they would be in contravention of the Animals Protection Act, unless it was done for therapeutic reasons.

Docking of tails when undertaken by non-veterinarians is, in addition to being a contravention of the Animals Protection Act, a surgical procedure which is also a contravention of the Veterinary Act, regardless of how it is done. In other words, tail docking is a criminal offence no matter who does it.

There is no exclusion for breeders. There is absolutely NO reason, apart from a medical necessity, for us to chop bits off animals to suit how we think they should look. Boerboels, Boxers, Dobermans, Rottweilers and Jack Russells with tails have become the norm, as it should be. If you see puppies with cropped tails, please try to discreetly determine the name of the breeder and other details and then let us know so we can investigate this illegal practice.