Help us help your pets

During the recent hail storm in Mooi River (and during bad weather in general), SPCAs across the country received calls about missing pets and people who had found pets which had run away/got lost in fear. A bad storm is as frightening for animals as a huge fireworks display, so keep pets inside if a storm is approaching and take the same measures as you would on Guy Fawkes night or New Year’s Eve: stay with them if possible, and keep them in a room with no windows (or curtains drawn), with a radio or music on.

Also, PLEASE ensure that any runaways can be brought straight home (rather than having to be taken to the SPCA and adding to our already strained resources) by keeping a collar and name tag on them. This will mean that the first person who finds your pet can contact you immediately – far less stressful for everyone, especially your pet! Make sure that the collar fits well and is adjusted for weight loss or gain – all too often we see cases where uncaring owners have allowed collars to grow into the skin of a dog’s neck. No choke chains, please – controlling/disciplining animals by strangling them is naturally not approved by the SPCA!