Rescuing donkeys from an appalling fate

We are very proud to have been a vital part of the rescue of 101 donkeys from being skinned alive for traditional Chinese ‘muti’, an ongoing cruelty problem that seems to be rearing its head after being brought under control a few years ago. Our Phumlani Majola worked tirelessly to ensure the best for these poor creatures, which were stopped outside of Mooi River en route to Bergville where they would have been driven into Lesotho to be slaughtered.

Thank you to the NSPCA and their Farm Animal Protection Unit team, Dr Thashia Reddy of Valley Vets in Rosetta who compiled a comprehensive assessment of their condition for the NSPCA, and the Mpofana traffic police for their assistance. The Mooi Mpofana Agricultural Association was wonderful, offering an emergency refuge for these poor creatures to be safely offloaded and donating bales for them to eat.

The community was simply amazing in their support – we received feed and more bales, funds, offers of assistance and safe homes, plus luxury overnight accommodation was donated by Jennifer Ormond-Brown at Glen Ormond in Rosetta for the NSPCA Inspector, Mpho Mokoena, to get some much-needed rest during her time in the area (she loved it so much she cannot wait to come back for a holiday). Sadly, this won’t be the last time we encounter such cases, so we appeal to the public to keep their eyes and ears open.

All such information is treated as confidential in its source but could save countless animals from appalling suffering. The donkeys were moved in 5-star style to Kloof & Highway SPCA and Johannesburg SPCA for ongoing treatment and specialised care, whereafter they will be available for adoption.