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Mooi River & District SPCA

The town of Mooi River in KwaZulu-Natal had no animal welfare organisation until concerned citizens joined forces in the mid-1990s to raise funds to build a small holding kennel facility on the outskirts of the town. The territory covered by the personnel of this small SPCA covers is extensive, from south of Estcourt to north of Howick, and from Middelrus in the east to Hlatikulu and the Kamberg in the west. Within this area are residential towns and villages such as Mooi River, Rosetta and Nottingham Road, the township of Bruntville, remote rural settlements and vast areas of agricultural land.

The Mooi River & District SPCA team includes kennel staff who care for the feeding of animals and cleaning of the kennels facility, administrative personnel, and inspectorate staff who manage the paperwork and the actual ‘in the field’ operations of the SPCA. Each SPCA is required by the NSPCA to have its own qualified Inspector, who receives special training in how to handle various animal welfare situations and problems.

A management committee is responsible for the long term planning and management of each SPCA. The committee is appointed from volunteers and changes annually.

The SPCA in South Africa

The SPCA or Society for the Prevention of Cruelty has a long history in South Africa. The first branch was founded in the Cape in 1872, and still exists today as the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. Other branches soon followed: Port Elizabeth (1875), Durban (1896), Johannesburg (1902), Pietermaritzburg (1906) and both Pretoria and Krugersdorp in 1910. All except Port Elizabeth is still in operation to this day.

Today, there are close to 100 SPCA branches dotted across the more than one million square kilometres of South Africa. This might sound a lot but many areas are not covered by any SPCA branch or other animal welfare organisation. There is no one to care for animals in these ‘lost zones’ – what a tragedy!

Each SPCA is a member of the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) and is fully autonomous. Each branch is established by the community wherein it operates, has its own Non Profit Organisation (NPO) number, and is responsible for the running and fundraising efforts that keep its doors open.

The NSPCA and SPCA branches receive no funding from national government. Some branches receive support from their municipalities in return for acting as the municipal pound, as required by law.

Each SPCA branch and the NSPCA as a whole are audited in the interest of financial transparency.

For an animal welfare operation to be allowed to use the name of the SPCA, it must follow the strict guidelines and operating standards set by the NSPCA. Regular checks and inspections are carried out by NSPCA personnel.

The NSPCA is the only animal welfare organisation that is gazetted by South African law into being in terms of section 7 of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 169 of 1993.

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