NSPCA principles and beliefs

  • Every living creature has intrinsic value and is a sentient being.
  • Our primary and motivating concern is the prevention of cruelty to all living creatures.
  • We are mindful that humans have been uniquely endowed with a sense of moral values. For this reason, we believe humans are responsible for the welfare of those animals that they have domesticated and those upon whose natural environment humans encroach.
  • This responsibility, we believe, must be shared by all people. It does not matter if they benefit from the use of such domestic animals or participate in the alteration of environments supporting the life of other creatures. As the dominant and intelligent life form on earth, we are accountable as a species.
  • Although it is recognised that animals are used in the service of humans, and although we are not opposed to the legitimate and appropriate utilisation of animals in such service, such utilisation gives humans neither the right nor the licence to exploit or abuse any animals in the process.
  • Our tools will be leadership, education and action. We will achieve this using such legal means as are most effective and are at our disposal. We shall endeavour to promote animal welfare in specific situations and strive to bring about new respect to all living creatures.