What You Can Do

Report animal cruelty

We need our community to be the ‘eyes and ears’ of what is happening. Please report anything you feel is inappropriate to your nearest SPCA – please remember that we cannot act on rumours, we need actual dates, places and details of actions. Complainants remain anonymous no matter what the outcome, and they will receive feedback on the investigations into their complaint.

The Mooi River & District SPCA has to date successfully prosecuted two cases of cruelty to animals within its magistrate’s court.


Every SPCA is supported by local funding – there is no support from the national government and branches are not ‘franchises’ for National Council. Without local donations, your SPCA will not survive. Some ways to assist include:

  • Become a member: You won’t be asked to do anything ‘hands-on’ unless you want to volunteer your time, but joining the ‘pro-SPCA team’ makes a difference to us through your membership fees. And it isn’t very expensive. Fill in the form here and drop off at the SPCA or fax or email us with proof of payment of your subscriptions.

>> Link to membership form <<

  • Donate money: By donating via EFT or debit order (you will need to go to your bank for this), you can deposit an amount of your choice into the bank account of your own local SPCA. Rather than supporting a national cause you’ll be making a huge difference to your own community’s animals. Tax certificates are provided on request. Please clearly mark your donation with your name so we can acknowledge your generosity with a thank you letter and a certificate of amounts collected for shops and other commercial outlets.
  • Fundraise: The SPCA always needs help with fundraising. There are a few large events each year that are organised by the SPCA itself (for example the 1000 Paws Walk), but we need sustained funding throughout the year. Why not come up with your own ideas to help? Host a lunch or tea and ask guests to donate money or a tin of food for the SPCA. Put together a raffle and donate the funds to the SPCA. Have a cake sale, a book sale or jumble sale…the list is endless and only limited by your imagination!
  • Donate food: Food for the animals at the kennels is a major expense for the SPCA, so by collecting dry or tinned dog or cat food you will be helping save money that can be spent elsewhere (like on veterinary fees).
  • Donate time: We always need people to help out, either to assist with projects such as fundraising or educational talks about the SPCA at local schools, or to share professional expertise. Perhaps you can help as a bookkeeper assisting as a committee member, or if you are a builder or handyman you could repair things at the kennels.
  • Giving after you are gone: A significant source of funding for SPCA branches is bequests. Please note that if you wish to leave anything to the Mooi River SPCA or any other branch, you must specify the specific branch that you wish to support in the documentation/will.
  • Sponsor a kennel or cat: For just R300 per month you can sponsor a kennel and for R200 per month you can sponsor a cat in the cattery.

Give up a gift: Ask your friends and family to donate to our SPCA in lieu of anniversary, birthday or wedding gifts. If you notify us in advance, we can prepare a certificate, letter or card to show that they have given to us.